GUE Ecosystem is a digital health tech company under Dexa Groupfocusing on partner and digital health ecosystem development and has been established since 2016 with various value chains: manufacture, discovery & research, sales & marketing, and distribution.

GUE Ecosystem aims to allow everyone to get better health through reliable information, a supportive community, and a trusted health ecosystem.

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What our members said about GUE Ecosystem

Fredi Daeli
Fredi DaeliPartnership Manager
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I was given chances to be involved in projects within GUE Ecosystem and learned much from that. Collaboration and support from every team make every problem possible to be solved quickly by prioritizing the user’s interest.
Amanda Sagar Matha
Amanda Sagar MathaContent Writer & Editor
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It’s a pleasure to work with a fun and strong team. The work environment is very supportive and pushes me to always improve.
Arief Hidayat
Arief HidayatTechnology Associate Manager
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GUE Ecosystem is not just a place to work, GUE Ecosystem is like a second home for me.. the best people’s around me in GUE Ecosystem.. we fight together, we are strong together, and in the end succeed together
Emmanuel Sahelangi
Emmanuel SahelangiHR People Engagement
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I am given chances to learn new things every time here, always get new challenges, and support each other while we fight off the challenges together. I never walk alone here.
Jennifer Hitipeuw
Jennifer HitipeuwPartnership Operations
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GUE Ecosystem provides opportunities for self-development, and we have a solid team that supports each other. Most importantly, GUE Ecosystem has a comfortable and enjoyable work environment.

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